Nathalia; fielmadridista. iker is my everything;
Real Madrid is more than 100 years of history. Real Madrid is the feeling that unites us. A feeling without borders. A goal in the 94th minute. It is madness.
hala madrid y nada más. #LaDécima //  

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Actual footage of Iker Casillas with the rest of Real Madrid

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who are the kings? real madrid.

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“when he plays don’t say who score but say how many did he scored”

— my commentator about Ronaldo  (via los-blankos-10)

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Bale’s goal vs. Deportivo  | 20.09.2014

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“Madridistas, you’ve just witnessed history. FIRST TIME EVER we’ve scored 8 away from home in La Liga. #HalaMadrid”

— PhilKitro on Twitter (via jamasrodriguez)

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yeah we had a shit start to the season but we just scored a collective of 13 goals in our last two games how is your team doing

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Chicharito’s first goal vs Deportivo (+ first goal with Real Madrid) | 20.09.2014 

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rooting for a team you hate to beat a team you hate more

All the madridistas reblogging this for Barça vs Atletico de Madrid

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