Nathalia; fielmadridista. iker is my everything;
Real Madrid is more than 100 years of history. Real Madrid is the feeling that unites us. A feeling without borders. A goal in the 94th minute. It is madness.
hala madrid y nada más. #LaDecima //  

“I don’t go out, so I don’t get attention from girls. They’re not going to have posters of me on their walls. I just try to get on with my life.”

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Injury update: Sami Khedira has suffered a muscular injury to his left thigh while training with the German national team. His condition is being monitored.

Germany’s first game of the FIFA break is against Argentina on Wednesday. He has been ruled out to play.

ETA: Marca reports that it’s a torn muscle and will require roughly six weeks of downtime. Sami apparently traveled to national duty with the injury, which was sustained against La Real. An MRI confirmed the tear.

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Anonymous asked:
do you find chelsea fans stupis for basically worshiping mourinho????????? my friend calls /me/ stupid for hating mourinho and shes so fucking ignorant and she goes idc what he did to madrid hes a saint PLS COMMENT ON THIS I WANT TO FUCKING BURN HER DOWN TO THE GROUP PLEASE NAT
ozils answered:

A saint? A saint for destroying RM from within, turning an untouchable legend into a joke, feeding PSYCHOTIC rabid supporters to carry out his barbaric ideals & disgusting personal opinions, creating a new definition for an identity of a club he doesn’t even begin to grasp and being the virtual opposite of everything it’s supposed to represent?

I’m tired of talking about Mourinho. He doesn’t deserve my contribution to keeping his gross infamy alive.

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Tips for being a football fan: #29


Don’t get cocky after only 10 minutes into a game and your team is winning cause shit could turn sour and life will be flipped upside down and next thing you know you’re drowning in your tears

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Anonymous asked:
What was it that Neurer did to Sergio in 11/12?
ozils answered:

After both semis in 11/12 & et we were tied at the Bernabeu and during penalty kicks Sergio stepped up & missed pretty spectacularly, which he’d go on to being made fun of about for AGES (I think it only stopped like……super recently), and he really, REALLY took it to heart. After the match, pretty much the first thing Neuer did after gloating is publicly say “I didn’t know Sergio Ramos enjoys losing UCL semifinals for his team”, not verbatim but that’s the gist of it. Then after Bayern lost the final, Sergio tweeted, “I didn’t know Neuer enjoys losing finals. Better luck next year. Always stay humble.”

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Before the 2nd half | Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid. August 31st, 2014 

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Iker was absolutely right to say what he did. Don’t even try debating that because everything he said was true. we were horrible and it wasn’t just the defense’s fault. we couldn’t score, we couldn’t defend, we hardly looked like we could run. he was right to say everything that he did. 

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Celebrating Sergio Ramos’ goal against Real Sociedad | 31-08-14

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