Nathalia; fielmadridista. iker is my everything;
Real Madrid is more than 100 years of history. Real Madrid is the feeling that unites us. A feeling without borders. A goal in the 94th minute. It is madness.
hala madrid y nada más. #LaDecima //  

Iker Casillas at UCLA | 24.7.2014

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when I say “lmao” I do not mean “laughing my ass off” I mean “lmao”

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Anonymous asked:
james is such a cutie i can't even *-*

yes, he is very cute  ✿◠‿◠

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When Madrid come for you, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s a massive, massive club, the biggest and the best in the world. It’s always been my dream. It’s just great to be there now.

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Anonymous asked:
what is madridismo
ozils answered:

Madridismo is the identity of Real Madrid (or a population of madridistas, depending on how it’s used). Everyone interprets it differently, but it’s generally seen as the values of the club; passion for the shirt~~, determination, remontada, spirit, loyalty, a gentlemanly attitude, and on top of that, being the best club in the world. If I had to sum up what Real Madrid is through a player, it would be Iker, Raul and Alfredo di Stefano. 

I could never say any of it as well as this quote, though:

"Real Madrid are words that are in my life. Real Madrid means triumph in victory and triumph in loss. Real Madrid is history, it is the day-to-day and it is what will happen, it is endless longing and endless expectation. It is courage, to overcome the rest and also itself, to overcome loss, to overcome victory. Real Madrid is the “at least” of a bad day and the “but” of a good day. It is suffering, it is loyalty and hope. It is Sunday afternoons and Monday mornings, it is something to talk about, something to converse over, it is something to share with many people. Real Madrid is a global idea, something that is worth all the effort. It is Bernabéu and Di Stefano, it is Chamartín and Cibeles, is it the green of the grass, it is pipes, it is cigars. It is smiles and applause, it is tears and whistles, it is joy and sadness, it is throats and voices. Real Madrid is not the goal scored, it is the next one. It is Madrid, Spain, Europe and the World. It is sport and spectacle. Real Madrid is eleven artists and eleven warriors. It is envy and admiration, it is relevant whether you hate or love it. Real Madrid does not leave one unconcerned. It is values and ideas, compromise and union. It is dreams and reality. There is one Real Madrid and there are many. Real Madrid is every person who makes it a part of their life, those who can see and do not stop watching, those who want to see but cannot watch. It is everyone and no one. It is more than football. It is sometimes an excuse and other times a reason. It was monarchy, republic, dictatorship and never stopped being democracy. It was first and it was second, it is leader without being champion. It is sporting heroes and kids from Madrid. It is front page news, hours of radio and television, it is the eternal debate and the nonexistent conclusion. It is, above all, ambition. It is the grandfather we all wish to have. Real Madrid was yesterday, it is today and it will be tomorrow. Real Madrid are words that I still do not know how to express."

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Iker Casillas at UCLA | 24.7.2014 (video) (translation)

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the name ‘Iker Casillas’ should never be combined with any club name except ‘Real Madrid’

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Real Madrid is like that rich spoiled kid that gets everything they want so they don’t appreciate what they have

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“People who love him, know a different side of him. He’s generous, he’s funny. He’s just perfect, that’s why I am with him.”

Irina Shayk about Cristiano Ronaldo [+] (via cr7forbeastmode)

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